Immunizations and Preventive Care

As your primary health care provider, we are more than your safety net. We are committed to offering preventive care, immunizations, and educational tools so that you have the appropriate screenings and resources you need to manage your health and do your part to prevent future illness and disease. We provide free vaccinations for newborn children to 18-year-olds who are eligible for the VFC program, and have a range of private vaccines available as well. We believe patients should understand risk factors and recognize early disease warning signs to reduce the burden of disease on themselves, their family, and the community. 


We care deeply about your child's health and grow and we are well-equipped to offer the care your family needs. Our staff is trained in the care of patients from newborns through adolescents, and can provide all physicals, immunizations, acute and urgent care you need along the way. It is important for you child to be seen regularly by their Care Team—even if they are not sick—to ensure they are growing and developing as expected. 

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