Free Services

Free Colo-rectal Screening

The Iowa Get Screened Program offers free screening to 50-69-year-old adults who are under-insured (have no coverage for colorectal screening or need assistance paying for the co-pay or deductible), are uninsured, or who are in households with income up to 250% of FPG (Federal Poverty Guidelines). Call 712-722-1700 to learn more about the screening.

Interpretation and Translation Services

All of our patients will receive care in their preferred language. We have several interpreters on staff to bridge the gap of language barriers for patients being seen by a provider or in need of information on the phone. All of our printed materials are available in multiple languages.


Our hope is that no individual seeking health care would be left without due to transportation. We realize that barrier that transportation can be. If you have concerns about how you will get to our health center, please call 712-722-1700. We will work with you to make arrangements for your transportation. 

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