I have insurance, can I still come to Promise? 

Yes! All who are seeking a health care home are welcome at Promise Community Health Center. 

What is the difference between a community health center and a private clinic?

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Promise is a consumer-directed organization and must provide care that is affordable, accessible, culturally sensitive and high quality. Promise seeks to achieve health equity in our community by providing highly efficient and cost effective care. 

What is the sliding fee scale and what does it cover?

The sliding fee scale is a discount program that applies to all health center charges. Eligibility for the sliding fee scale and discount amounts are determined by family size and income. Call 712-722-1700 to see if you qualify.

I have to pay a lot of money before my insurance pays for my healthcare. Can I apply for the sliding fee scale?

Yes, you can. For those who are insured and qualify for the sliding fee scale, Promise is able to provide discounts on the amount owed after insurance processes the claim. 

What if I have no income at all?

You can still apply for the sliding fee scale. 

I called and was unable to make a dental appointment. Doesn't Promise serve everyone?

While it is our desire to serve everyone, high demand and limited resources require that we place certain limits on who is able to recieve dental services. Dental scheduling priority goes to children who are without a dental home and current patients of the health center.

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